Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"New Release"

My newest book corrects the record of a misleading media about that most important night of the Michael Jackson Pepsi Burn. The book contains real pictures and documents of that night that disputes what the media a previously put out.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birth Celebration

Unto HIM, You Are Born- The birth celebration for Babalonshi Biab Od Micma In-between shadows black And lies of sylvan scene You come screaming On violent winds Breaking through sunlight sheen. Your arrival comes with vitae, Inexorable in its fashion Exuding the Master’s will, Your Black Obsessive Passion Hail Father, behold your gift. The worlds hush and looming Still- their blank and accusing eyes Scoff an eidolon destiny- Their ultimate demise. Father in HIS wisdom Has chosen you. Hail Father Hail Babalonshi Biab Od Micma

Forever Afternoon

Forever Afternoon She wore her pigtails high on her head And tightly wrapped with green ribbon. He wore his jeans rolled up. Both barefoot and hand in hand raced the banks of the river. Their laughter swept through the tall pines And their giggles came effortlessly. Young and unknowing, yet they liked each other but didn't stop to think why. The sun bare down on their shoulders They stopped to rest in a cool grassy spot They sat looking at one another while the river serenaded them They both sighed They both wanted time to stop And keep this day forever . Faint voice of the girl's mother intruded Guess this will have to be a memory. They ran together hand in hand homeward .

The Traveler

The Traveler My wide path grew narrow- still And rushing it's gate , an Autumn's chill, Intruding through patches of torn cloth that turned to flaccid frills. Above me,a misty veil Hung its somber vapor tale- Inviting weariness to prevail Upon once bright vision-to pale The bush ,the leaves in silence stood A reminder of a greener wood Brandishing all they could On their vests of golden palettes . As life is to death and death is to life And all is understood . In solemn silence the towers hide Behind a distant tapestry Yet they are the lighthouse , The way home.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thinking of You

No strangers are your eyes and mine
Intently , as we gaze into their streams
When the mind's wings o'erspread
our spirit world of dreams.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moody Blues: I Know You're Out There Somewhere

I know you are out there somewhere.
Are you a particle
from an exploding
sad star in
a far away galaxy.
Are you the mist
that rises above
the highest treetops,
or the gleam from
the cresent moon?
Perhaps it's you
riding atop a shooting star
or one tear falling
in a raging river.
My voice tells me
you are lost between worlds,
a soul bound
by waves rushing
to a desolate shore.
Are you hiding
in a city
under the sea?
Or hidden quietly
in the forest.
You will hear my voice.
And come to me
as an exploding star.
For love is eternal
and will not be denied.
You will hear my voice.
I will find you,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Calling

I hear the calling, so softly, but with certainty. My soul will glide like a wind driven cloud and when I get to my destination, you will be standing there waiting for me.


I would like to welcome all who visit me.

I am who I think I am
Not all you think you see
I am captain of my soul
Treading in the sea.

Robert A Meacham


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